3 Things to Consider Before Buying Home Awnings

Home awnings can add both form and function to the exterior of your home. They provide shade during the hot summer months and create extra space for light during the darker seasons. Furthermore, awnings can make your house more visually appealing if you choose the right style. As you read this guide, you will see three of the factors you should take into consideration prior to purchasing your new home awnings.


  1. Materials There are multiple materials that can be used to make home awnings. Among the most popular are solution-dyed acrylic fabrics, vinyl, and canvas. Because acrylic dyes come in almost every imaginable shade, these awnings tend to have the most pattern and color choices. Vinyl, however, is an affordable and durable choice for families who are on a budget. Canvas, it bears noting is perfect for regions that tend to get extreme weather. Awnings made from this fabric can survive incredibly heat waves, such as those in the Southwest and major snowstorms, like Nor’Easters.
  2. Upkeep Every type of permanent home awning requires some form of maintenance. Although different materials involve different kinds of care to some extent, there are some things that are true for all awning styles. You should, for instance, retract your awning if your area is going to experience heavy rain or lots of snow. You should also make sure your awning is free from mildew and mold at least once per year; there are some treatments that can be performed periodically to seal fabrics to prevent infestations.
  3. Colors and prints As alluded to earlier, permanent home awnings are available in a wide range of colors and prints. Selecting the perfect option for your house is an important part of ordering your new awning. You may want to look online or in home decor magazines for design inspiration.


We know that having an awning can help families enjoy their outdoor spaces significantly more than they ever have before, which is why we’re passionate about what we do. If you are ready to purchase a permanent awning, we hope you’ll give us a call today. Our team at Texas Custom Exteriors can’t wait to work with you to select a style that you will be able to enjoy for years to come.

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