5 Different Types of Awnings to Cover Your Deck

Awnings are a great way to get yourself out of the summer heat or protect you from a little rain shower. There are 5 main types of awnings to cover your deck. Keep yourself cool and out of the summer heat with these 5 deck awnings:

Retractable Awnings

A retractable awning extends out over the deck and rolls back up when not in use. The nice thing about retractable awnings is that when they are not in use, you’ll be able to keep the awning out of the elements and prolong its lifespan by keeping it rolled up!

Fixed Awnings

A fixed awning is mounted directly to the wall of your house and often hosts support poles to give even greater durability and support. The advantage of fixed awnings is that they are always there to provide you with constant shelter over your deck.


A canopy is a type of portable awning that typically has four legs and a canopy roof. Canopies are a cheaper alternative to fixed or retractable awnings and offer the added flexibility of being able to move them around and install on deck areas that are not immediately adjacent to the house.

Freestanding Awnings

Similar to a canopy, freestanding awnings are a great way to provide additional shelter in areas that are not immediately next to the house. One large advantage that freestanding awnings hold is that they fold up or roll up to keep them out of the elements.


Umbrellas are the most cost-effective option for shelter on your deck, and they do provide the most portability and flexibility that all of the other options. However, they also do not provide as much shelter as the other options on the list.

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