Sliding Glass Wall System

A Guide on How to Choose a Sliding Glass Wall System

Have you been thinking about a sliding glass wall system for your property? It may be just what you need to elevate the look of your space.  The last thing you want to do is make a wrong selection and end up with a sliding glass wall system that is out of place or one you hate.  How do you go about making the right choice when you have limited knowledge about the sliding glass wall system? Let’s help you understand a few factors and features of a sliding glass wall system that you should consider.

Benefits of a Sliding Glass Wall System

  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Glass and a sliding feature can effortlessly boost the look and feel of a space. Sliding doors, particularly those with a modern flair look beautiful in any space and can help to create the visual appeal that you are trying achieve.
  • Natural Light: If your goal is to let more light into your space, a sliding glass wall system is ideal for allowing more natural light to enter. You will have a brighter room without the added energy cost. 
  • Open Space: Sometimes the outdoors is separated from the indoors by a solid wall, but with a sliding glass wall system, you can create a more open space that doesn’t restrict movement between the exterior and the interior.  
  • Optimized Views: With a sliding glass wall system you can enjoy optimized views of the outdoors.  Think of a multi-glass panel “window wall” that allows you the best view of your garden, or frames panoramic views that you can bask in all-season long. 

Panel Size 

Panel sizes tend to vary and are typically dependent on the placement of the sliding system and the size of the opening.  In general, individual glass panels are commonly 60 square feet in height, reaching 12 feet, and panel width up to 8 feet. However, keep in mind that a sliding system can be configured to run the entire wall length and may feature two sliding door panels or multiple slides with multiple panels joined together. Not all companies will have the same maximum size. 

System Material 

Performance is essential when deciding on a sliding glass wall system material for your specific geographic location. The suitable material should deliver optimal performance, with functionality and aesthetics that complement your desired style. Typical system materials include:

  • Aluminum: This option is ideal for moderate climates. Some aluminum sliding can feature narrow stile (2 ¾” typical) and rail profile, making it possible to use more glass, which lets in more light.
  • Aluminum Thermally Controlled: Designed for maximum thermal performance and strength, aluminum thermally controlled system keeps indoor temperatures constant regardless of regional climate (whether hot or cold). Depending on where you shop, you may be able to choose different finishes for the interior and exterior, and where you’d want to place the colors.
  • Aluminum Wood: Ideal for different climates and tall sliding doors, aluminum wood systems tend to feature warmth on the interior that reflects the wood and is complemented with a durable aluminum exterior for durability.
  • Contemporary Clad: This energy-efficient system features an aluminum-clad exterior, balanced with a natural wood interior that can withstand different climates- hot, cold, or temperate. 

Types of Configuration

Sliding glass wall systems are available in a variety of configurations depending on where you shop and may include:

  • Two to twelve panels long
  • Extensive selections for operating vs. fixed panels
  • Choice of panel position when slide the door open
  • Stacking choice where the glass panels are stacked behind a stationary panel, on the left side or right  side, or on both sides featuring middle parting panels 
  • In-wall or pocket choice where the glass panels slide into a pocket in the wall either on the right or left side, or both, featuring middle parting panels

With a wide selection of sliding door and glass pane choices available at Texas Custom Exteriors, we can help you have an expertly designed, high-performance sliding glass wall system for your space. Come and check out our gallery and let us help you make the best choice for your property.  Get in touch with our expert professionals and request a quote.

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