Fredericksburg sounds like a town in Germany, but in fact, it is a popular area known for its wineries in Texas’s central city. Although Fredericksburg is a small town, it has surprisingly a large number of things to see and do where you can explore the beauty of its attractions, arts & culture, and breweries & distilleries. Fredericksburg is a beautiful town full of delightful residents where Texas Custom Exteriors has enjoyed working for many years. See below the list of popular services we have to offer:

Our Services:

Glass Wall Installation in Fredericksburg, TX

If you are looking for that aesthetic look to your home or office space, installing glass could be the answer you are looking for. Texas Custom Exteriors specializes in design custom glass walls that can perfectly enhance the appearance of your room. If you are looking for information about our glass wall systems, please feel free to check our glass wall page.

Awnings Contractors in Fredericksburg, TX

When you walk by a house or restaurant and notice awnings sticking out – it creates a vibe and personality that makes that property stand out from the rest. Texas Custom Exteriors is a fully licensed and insured residential and commercial contractor that can build beautifully motorized or retractable awnings. Please get in touch with our design team for a free consultation at 210-691-9300.


Shade Structures Contractors in Fredericksburg, TX

Texas Custom Exteriors is your go-to residential and commercial shade structures in Texas. Whether you are looking for shades for sun & UV protection, industrial, or business, TCE has you covered. Schedule an appointment with us and we will take accurate measurements and provide an affordable solution to your property needs.