When investing in your home in Kenedy, TX, you automatically think of awnings, shade structures, or pool enclosures. This is where we step in! At Texas Custom Exteriors, we can customize your idea project for your home and bring that vision to life. Here are the top home exterior services we offer in Kenedy, TX.

Retractable Awning in Kenedy, TX

Imagine extending some shade to your backyard with our retractable awnings. Not only do they provide relief from the Texas heat, making your outdoor gatherings more enjoyable, but they also protect you from direct UV light. In Kenedy, Texas, where the weather can be harsh, having control over your awnings is crucial. Whether it’s retractable or motorized, you don’t want your awnings extended during thunderstorms or heavy winds. Contact us today to explore the options available for your home.

Shade Structure Installation in Kenedy, TX

Adding shade to your equipment or property, such as cars, is necessary when it comes to the Texas heat! Whether it’s for a residential or commercial purpose, a shade structure can instantly make a difference because it not only keeps your area cool but also protects your customers. Whether it be a car lot, school play area, or outdoor swimming pool, a shade structure can serve multiple purposes. Call us today for a free estimate!

Glass Wall System in Kenedy, TX

Looking for a stylish and practical solution for your office space? Look no further. Our glass wall systems are the perfect choice. In the post-pandemic office, the installation of glass wall systems has become increasingly popular. They help demarcate areas, separate employees and visitors, and create a safer work environment. On the other hand, in an office setting, a glass wall system can let in more natural light, enhancing productivity. Contact our design team to customize the perfect glass wall system for your office space.

Why Choose Texas Custom Exteriors?

We have worked with thousands of clients in the last decades. Each project differs from one to another; we understand that choosing the right contractor takes patience and trust. We can safely say your project is in good hands. We like to spend a lot of time understanding our customer’s wants and needs because once we are done, we want to ensure you can enjoy investment for many years. Your satisfaction is our priority. So, if you are interested in one of our services, let’s get in touch.

We look forward to hearing from you.