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Awnings, Pergolas, and Canopies: Which one should I choose?

One of the finest reasons to reside in any city is the abundance of options to spend quality time with loved ones in your backyard. You can take advantage of the lovely weather all year long and assemble outside anytime. It is recommended that you have a structure in your yard that gives shade and protection from the sun to enhance your outdoor experience. When deciding between a pergola, awning, or canopy, weighing their benefits will assist you in making an informed decision, regardless of where you live.

What are the differences between pergolas, awnings, & canopies?

1. Canvas awning

A canvas awning is a sun-blocking structure that hangs from your home, usually over a window or entrance. There are retractable awnings that, at the push of a button, can be folded up when not in use.

2. Canopy

On the other hand, a canopy resembles an awning but is not attached to the house; instead, it sits on top of columns. It can stretch further than an awning because of its support system.

3. Pergola

Additionally, a pergola is typically not attached to the home. It consists of columns supporting what appears to be a “roof” but actually consists of an arrangement of rafters or beams. The pergola can be covered to provide additional shade from sunlight, or you can grow plants or vines there instead.

Awning, pergola, and canopy features

When deciding between an awning and a pergola, the former clearly wins if your main goal is to shelter yourself from the sun. Pergolas won’t block the sun. Unless you add a cover, they have no top, so even then, they won’t keep out as much warm air as an awning. Awnings are strong structures made to withstand sunlight. They offer shade so your visitors may escape the heat, while you can effortlessly retract the awning when you no longer require it. On the contrary hand, a pergola is a permanent construction, making it difficult to remove its canopy. Awnings are more adaptable than canopies.

Even though they provide sun protection, they cannot be folded away when you are done with them, so you must leave the canopy up until it’s time to disassemble and remove it. When you wish to use the canopy again, several persons must put it back up. Because they are anchored to the house, awnings are also better able to withstand strong winds than canopies. Pergolas wobble in the breeze while canopies could topple. Awnings also benefit your property indoors by deflecting sunlight from the openings, cooling the interior, and possibly reducing utility costs.

Bring Awnings to Your Backyard

You can hold gatherings all year long and use your outdoor area by installing a movable awning in your backyard. Contacting Texas Custom Exteriors will enable you to obtain an installation quote immediately. We provide a range of designs to go with your house.

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