Benefits of an Opening Glass Wall System in Your Home

Do you think the stunning technology of opening glass wall systems is limited to luxury homes? Think again! Texas Custom Exteriors can work with you to design & install the perfect opening glass wall for your home’s existing design. Check out these 3 huge reasons why you need this feature in your home:

Natural Light

Say goodbye to dim & artificial lighting, and say hello to an abundance of natural light in your home. Opening glass wall systems connect the indoors to outdoors, and reduce isolation from daylight. You could receive the added health benefits of more sunlight & vitamin D, as well as mood improvements & a potential reduction in stress. The increase of natural light in your home could also decrease your energy use during the daytime. It is the ideal option to open up a space without adding a full addition on your home.

Enhanced Views

Don’t let a gorgeous view go to waste! If your home has a view, you can maximize how you take advantage of this will an opening glass wall system. While windows can only show so much, a glass wall will give you a full & uninterrupted gaze at one of the best features of your property, creating a picturesque backdrop to your indoor space. An ideal spot for an opening glass wall system might be where you already have an existing patio – It could replace your sliding doors, broadening your view while providing full weather coverage.

Fully Customized

Glass walls are easier than ever to fit to your home’s space. Texas Custom Exteriors will come to your home & work with you from start to finish. We can install a custom fitted opening glass wall system, determining whether you need a folding, stacking, or sliding glass system, meeting your style desires, & using only the highest quality materials. While glass is can often compliment a modern style, we can also choose a style that will fit a more rustic look. Your new glass wall will enhance your home’s aesthetic and be built to last.

If you’re ready to discuss an opening glass wall system for your Texas home, contact us or give us a call at Texas Custom Exteriors!

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