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Benefits of Custom Pool Enclosures

If your pool is your space for zen one minute and excitement the next, you want to keep it healthy and inviting at all times! Pool enclosures are a valuable resource that can be used to keep your pool in great shape year-round. They surround your pool, are available in different materials, can be customized and can provide a number of benefits that range from privacy to safety. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that custom pool enclosures offer for you and your family.


A pool enclosure can allow you to enjoy your pool to the fullest extent with increased relaxation. You have the opportunity to extend your swimming season, being able to use your pool whether it’s the rainy season or the summertime. A customizable retractable enclosure can allow swimming in the open air or shield you from direct sunlight. If you live in a region that has mosquitos some swim season, a screened pool enclosure can keep those pesky insects.

 Reduction in Evaporation

Evaporation robs your pool of water, which can prove costly. Since evaporation accounts for roughly 90% heat loss from a swimming pool, it’s helpful to have a way to limit evaporation. A pool’s evaporation rate can increase as a result of high ambient outdoor temperature. A pool enclosure can slow down the evaporation process by reducing the water temperature and humidity above the surface. You don’t want to have to contend with lower water levels in your pool, especially during the hottest months or if water restriction is in place.

 Sunlight Protection

If you are living in a state where the sunny days are long, and you will undoubtedly need a break from the heat, a pool closure is just what you need to limit sun exposure. If you are concerned about skin damage or skin cancer, a screened pool enclosure can serve to filter the sun and limit the UV rays that can be damaging to your skin. Additionally, your pool water will be kept cooler and be more inviting.


Customized swimming pool enclosures can provide great aesthetic appeal. .You can enhance the beauty of your pool with an enclosure that exhibits superb workmanship, bold color, technological solutions and matches your own personal style. Your chosen enclosure can be designed with top-notch functionality, elegance, and uniqueness.

 Safety and Security

A screened pool enclosure provides protection from dirt, debris, insects, and is an ideal safety barrier to keep kids out of the pool. Depending on your location, unwanted pool guests such snakes, birds, bugs, and frogs can enter your open pool, and fallen leaves and any trash carried by the wind can end up in your pool if it lacks a protective barrier. A pool enclosure can keep the myriad of insects we coexist with off your pool and deck. You can reduce accidents, prevent unauthorized access, and keep your little ones safe with an enclosure that prevents access when adults are not around.

Pool enclosures can provide you with a host of benefits that can help to save you money, increase comfort and enable year-round pool enjoyment. For your pool enclosure needs, Texas Custom Exteriors has a wide variety of customized options that can match your unique needs and enhance your pool experience.

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