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Best Tile and Waterproofing Flooring for your Sunroom

Before deciding on the best tiles or waterproofing system, one must first understand what a sunroom is.

What is a Sunroom

A sunroom is typically any specific area in the house designed with the aim of allowing abundant sunlight into that part of the house and also creating an optimal view of the surrounding landscapes.

Most people decide to install a sunroom in their homes because it is a good way to simulate outdoor living with indoor living. Some individuals cannot easily move around outside because of either disease conditions or antisocial behavior, and thus, they rather just get sunrooms.

Types of Floors and Tiles used in Sunrooms

When you start planning to get a sunroom, one key thing to pay attention to is the flooring system. If you get the floors right, you will probably never have to worry about them again. There are different types of materials made specially to help decorate the floor of your sunroom, and these include:

 1. Porcelain or Ceramic Tiles: These two materials are very similar in structure and use. They are both waterproof and have high resistance to heat, which makes them ideal materials used in the flooring of your sunroom.

2. Vinyl (Luxury): Vinyl is very similar in appearance to marble or hardwood, thus making it very attractive as a floor decor. Vinyl is very easy to maintain, and it is also waterproof. During winter, the vinyl wood feels warm to the feet, further giving it the edge over many other materials.

3. Concrete Floor: You can never go wrong with concrete floors. All through the year, they have been tested and trusted, built to last, and extremely durable. With concrete floors, one can also lay rugs and have that warm feeling during winter.

4. Hardwood: Since we’ve already discovered that Vinyl tile imitates the appearance of hardwood, then the real deal itself must be perfect for your sunroom. Hardwood comes in different colors, textures, and designs. Hardwood floors are also well known for their grip ability, i.e, they aren’t slippery, and you or your loved ones don’t have to worry about slipping and falling during any season of the year.

Which Materials Should You Choose?

As stated earlier, different people have different reasons for installing sunrooms in their homes. Understanding the best floor types and tiles to use will help maximize your sunroom. For further questions and insight, you can visit us at Texas Custom Exteriors today for all you need to know about sunroom decoration.

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