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Common Indices That It’s Time to Upgrade the Exterior

Every home will show signs of aging, whether it is a modern masterpiece waiting to be discovered, a hidden gem in a historic neighborhood, or both. Even though homeowners can make sporadic changes to the exterior to maintain it (painting, power washing, replacing shutters, etc.), an exterior renovation like a sunroom allows you to do much more.

Here are some typical issues that prompt property owners to look into exterior renovations. Let’s find out how they were resolved by Texas Custom Exteriors:

A brand-new house from top to bottom

You have the exceptional opportunity to evaluate the interior and exterior as part of the same project when a whole house remodel includes the exterior in the scope. Do you picture the front entrance and the living area as vastly different from one another in your ideal home, offering numerous opportunities to experiment with various architectural and design styles?

Making a statement while maintaining a traditional exterior:

  1. Paint the siding and shutters, removing any broken or old ones.
  2. Whenever possible, add stone or metal accents.
  3. To shield your home and your visitors from the elements, build a portico.

More Room to Host Events

Want to host more gatherings but aren’t sure where to look? Never overlook the outside! A built-out sunroom can offer some of the same comforts you’d find in the living room or family room, which both homeowners and potential buyers can appreciate. Now they can design their additional living area for personal enjoyment

What can I do to improve the curb appeal of my home?

  • Add a sunroom or screened porch.
  • Add a front porch with covering to make the entrance more welcoming.
  • Put in ambient lighting so you can host visitors day or night.
  • Landscape the entrance to soften it; be sure to use native plants to improve the air quality in your neighborhood!

If it’s time for a change, you know that feeling, whether you’re the original owner considering a new beginning or a recent mover who’s having trouble adjusting to the special features the previous owner added.

Ready to Start?

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