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Common Problems with a Conservatory

Conservatories have become a popular home addition among young homeowners looking to brighten up their space. A conservatory features glass walls that bring in tons of natural light and create the perfect environment to grow indoor plants. Rather you treat your conservatory as an actual greenhouse or just a nice sunroom, it’s sure to become one the most popular areas of the home! Unfortunately, every great home addition comes with its own unique set of challenges. Keep these common conservatory problems in mind as you add or maintain the conservatory in your home! 

Poor Temperature Control 

Since conservatories are primarily made up of glass, they’re not the best at maintaining a consistent temperature. When temperatures outside get extremely hot or cold, you’ll start to feel those temperatures inside the conservatory too. The best way to navigate this issue is to use double or triple paned glass throughout the conservatory for better insulation. You can also utilize fans and portable heaters to achieve your desired temperature during harsh weather conditions. 

Water Leaks 

The roof of your conservatory serves the same purpose as the roof over the rest of your home: keep outdoor weather out and protect the interior of the home. Conservatory roofs are prone to water leaks. Those leaks are an easy fix if they’re identified early, so keep an eye out for unwanted water coming in from above! 

Outdoor Noise 

Outdoor noise being heard inside the conservatory is related to poor insulation, just like the temperature control issues we discussed. Installing good windows will minimize the noise. Double or triple glazed windows will be better at keeping outside noise at bay. Thermal curtains are a great tool too, but you’ll lose some of that gorgeous natural light if you go that route. 

Faded Colors 

The sun has harsh UV rays that damage not just our skin, but our furniture too! Furniture and artwork in your conservatory will experience fading colors quicker than the same items would in the main area of your home. The added exposure to sunlight is inevitably damaging too just about anything inside. Conservatory blinds are the best way to minimize harsh UV rays without losing too much natural light. 

Condensation on the Glass 

It’s no surprise that glass that’s exposed to varying temperatures and lots of sunlight is prone to condensation. Condensation can leave marks on the glass, adding more time to your regular cleaning routine. Frequent condensation raises the risk of water damage, mildew, and even mold growth inside the conservatory. Ventilation systems can be easily installed to circulate the air inside of the conservatory and minimize condensation on the glass. 

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