Plan a day trip with your family and friends in one of the most relaxing spots in Texas. San Marcos packs full of adventures where you can discover many hikes and bike trails oversee the San Marcos River unique ecosystem.  And to top it all off, restaurants are popular in the local areas where you are served delicious food ending your day on a high. While San Marcos is a great place to visit, it is also a wonderful place to live as well; just ask the 60,000 residents who currently reside here! Texas Custom Exteriors has had the pleasure of serving its customers for many years and has retained a healthy reputation. Check out the popular services we have to offer and see how we can assist you next!

Our Services:

Commercial Retractable Awning Contractors San Marcos

If you are a property owner who serves many customers at your business like a restaurant and is looking to add more shade, we have great news for you; Texas Custom Exteriors offers customizable retractable awnings that will sit perfectly within your building structure as is easy access when the weather is too hot for your customers. Their safety and comfort should be a high priority, and that’s how we can help you. Get in touch today to discuss the fabrics, design, and construction process. We look forward to working with you.

Home Retractable Awning Contractors San Marcos

Over the years, homeowners have highly requested awnings to add more shade to their property so they can enjoy the outdoors without feeling too much of the Texas heat! Awnings can really make a difference to your home and improve the home’s exterior appearance! If you would like to learn more about awnings and the best option that fits within your budget. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Glass Wall System San Marcos

A glass wall system can instantly look sophisticated, elegant, and modernize that will enhance your office’s look and feel. It can be customized to however your room fits and can reduce energy cost, which is a plus. The great thing about Glass walls? It doesn’t need to be installed in an office. It can be installed at your home too! Check out the latest projects we have worked on and see if you can envision one in your home. Call today to learn more.