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Different Types of Patio Enclosures

Patio- this is the part of your house where all the fun happens. It can be used to host parties, friends, and even a barbecue hangout. If you want to engage the use of your patio more, you need to make some major decisions on the type of patio enclosure you will fix. Here are different types of patio enclosures to guide your decision-making.

Types of Patio Enclosures

Glass Patio Enclosure

This is ideal for people who enjoy natural sunlight with some control over the climate. Most of the glass patio enclosures are designed to be used all through the year. 

You can customize the type of roof, window, and door you want for the enclosure.  You can even have a glass roof installed. This could give you magical nights when the stars and moon are out!

You can also create your glass patio enclosure by utilizing the deck area in your home. All you have to do is to attach glass around the wall and the enclosure ready. And if you want some natural airflow, you can simply change some of the glass walls to a slide so that you can slide the glass in and out and enjoy some natural breeze.

Aluminum Patio Enclosures

Do you need an enclosure with a strong roof and already-made walls that is affordable? An aluminum patio enclosure would fit perfectly into your plans.

Aluminum enclosures are affordable and come with already attached walls or roofs. The walls are made from 3-inch aluminum, and the windows feature a screen and sliding glass that helps protect from weather infiltration. Aluminum enclosures are easy to clean and maintain and mostly do not require any extra painting. 

Plastic (Acrylic) Patio Enclosure

These are made from clear plastic and are lightweight. They are also your go-to if you can’t afford a glass enclosure and you think the vinyl enclosure standard is too low. They can’t easily break and perhaps if they break, they won’t shatter like glass.

The plastic patio enclosure seems like a perfect choice, except for a few challenges that may appear with time. Such challenges include a color change. The color could become tinted yellow because of the sun’s UV rays. Also, it could start bending with time because of exposure to different temperatures and changes in weather.

To enjoy your plastic enclosure for a long while, you would need to specially care for it. 

Retractable Patio Enclosure

Retractable patio enclosures are pure luxuries! They are designed to help homeowners enjoy the best patio experience. During the cold weather, the retractable enclosure closes up, but when the weather is warm and friendly, it opens up to allow the owners to enjoy the friendly weather.

It also features a glass screen that is controlled by a remote. They can roll either up or down. Some retractable enclosures also feature two rails. One of the rails is fixed to the house, while the other is fixed to the ground. This enclosure is the costliest of all the enclosures, and you’ll need a professional for proper installation.

In summary, a  patio enclosure is an added value to your home. There are different types of patio enclosures, and it is sure that if you look well enough, you would find the one that suits your needs, personality, and pocket. Texas Custom Exteriors is not just a professional patio enclosure installer. We are one of the best in the industry in Texas. Give us a call today and enjoy the best patio experience!

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