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Different Types of Screen Enclosures

Screen enclosures or pool cage additions are hugely popular outdoor living spaces for most Texas homeowners, partly due to the state’s environment. There are numerous varieties of pool enclosures available. However, you must choose which is ideal for your particular needs. You should determine why you need a screen enclosure before placing your order.

Superior Quality Screen Enclosures in La Vernia, Texas

Screen enclosures from Texas Custom Exteriors are perfect if your house has an outdoor area, but you’re sick of trying to keep it in the finest condition. The technicians at Texas Custom Exteriors are continually creating items that will make your life easier and better. Since they are aware of the weather challenges of living in Texas, our clients have long preferred screen enclosure repairs over pool cage design, lanai screen enclosures, pool cage building, and screen enclosures installation.

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Types of Screen Enclosures

Following are the different kinds of screen enclosures:

  1. Strong Screen

A strong and resilient screen cloth that can endure pressure. Used frequently for installations with big screens, like patios, pool cages, and others. There are two mesh sizes available:

  • 16/14 Mesh

The screen has 16 holes in one direction and 14 in the other for every square inch. From your porch, you can see the scenery well while staying safe from bugs and other critters. Additionally, it filters out 30% of UV-harmful rays.

  • 17/20 Mesh

The screen has 17 holes in one direction and 20 in the other for every square inch. Because the screen’s hole apertures are more minor, fewer, smaller insects can enter your outdoor living space. 50% of hazardous UV rays are shut off.

  • Solar Screen

Installed in outdoor spaces where the sun directly enters your backyard and for seclusion when outdoors. It can filter 75% of UV radiation which is hazardous. It is perfect for patios or room enclosures.

  • Aluminum Screen

Used for windows, doors, decks, lanais, and porches.

  • Fiberglass  Screen

It does not wrinkle, allows for enough ventilation, and keeps out insects. Use a charcoal color for the best external seeing.

Consider adding a screen enclosure to your backyard.

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