FAQ Shade Structures

FAQs on Commercial Shade Structures

Q: How do residential shade structures differ from the commercial ones?

A: Residential shade sails typically include a D-ring attachment with a canopy. The canopy can be stretched out and tensioned using hardware support such as a rope and secured in the desired position by the end-user. On the other hand, the commercial shade structure requires engineered footing to support the design of the shade.

Q: Where are your shade structures manufactured?

A: All of our shade structures are manufactured locally inside the U.S We are proud to be a national business that contributes to the local economy.

Q: What is the estimated timeline if I Intend to purchase a shade structure from you?

A: The answer to this question depends on various factors. The type of structure and the complexities involved in manufacturing it are critical factors determining the completion and delivery time. A rough estimate would be 2-3 weeks for a more straightforward structure and 4-5 weeks for a more complex and customized structure.

Q: What is the best way to optimize a shade for my space?

A: If you intend to maximize the shade for your space, you should keep the entry height to the lowest level possible. Moreover, it would help if you strived to utilize the largest possible shade structure that can fit in your intended area.

Q: Why should I choose your services for my shade needs?

A: That is an excellent question and here are the three main reasons why you should consider choosing us:

  1. We offer thousands of different shade structures at prices that you can hardly find someplace else.
  2. We are a local business and proudly manufacture everything in the U.S
  3. Our custom work capabilities mean we can design a structure that can fit any place.

Q: What height is considered above a person’s reach to avoid vandalism to the shade fabric?

A: Under normal circumstances, 84 inches is considered the minimum requirement. For areas with high vandalism rates, you can consider adding a foot or so for added safety.

Q: What type of frame is recommended for a beach environment: galvanized or powder coated?

A: We usually recommend galvanized frames for coastal areas where salt spray is common. Coastal area shades require cosmetic maintenance to ensure that the shade maintains its coating. If the galvanized coating is not feasible, a regular powder-coated frame can work, but it will require annual touchups to inhibit rust and protect the finish.

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