1.     Why should I choose Texas Custom Exteriors?

We are the best choice for pergolas because we draw on our expertise in manufacturing and design to craft maintenance-free pergolas that not only look great but also provide a lifetime of quality use. We offer our customers the extra benefits of free installation manuals and phone service should you have any questions. Relying on us means you get access to experienced sales staff who can help with custom designs and avoid the financial cost of dealing with a middle-man. When you choose us, you will get the best product quality, excellent customer service, and affordability.

2.     What are the pergola dimensions?

The standard pergola dimensions are usually based on the exterior measurements of the support beams and rafters. Generally, the beam length ranges from 8′ to 20′, with 10′ and 12′ being the most common. Rafter lengths also vary from 8′ to 20′. Additionally, when calculating your total size, you must account for the pergola caps, adding approximately 12″ or more in extra length at each end of the pergola. It is important to consider these factors beforehand when measuring your project to ensure that you purchase enough materials and provide adequate space for the building.

3.     Where do you ship your pergolas?

We understand that it’s important for our customers to know exactly where they can have their pergolas shipped. That is why we ensure secure delivery locations via shipping to all of Texas, and San Antonio. It’s also beneficial to know up-front how much these deliveries will cost, which is why we make sure that prices are flexible according to distance and other requirements. We want our customers to be satisfied with their pergola after delivery and during the shipping process.

5.     Can you manufacture custom-sized pergolas?

Our custom pergola building services offer a unique product that suits any setting and matches any design. We take pride in our ability to manufacture pergolas to meet our customers’ exact sizes and specifications. From cathedral-style beams to A-Frame designs, rail bending, and custom angles, we can guarantee a sturdy structure that will look great while complementing your outdoor space. The dimensions of the pergola can be completely customized based on anything from the available area of the backyard or balcony to the aesthetic you are hoping for. With us, every customer will get exactly what they need for their garden or patio!