Located in a city of Medina County, Texas, Castroville, is a small town with a population of just 2,700 residents. Homeowners are constantly looking to upgrade their home exterior, and we are their go-to home improvement contractors available here in Castroville. Please check out the popular services we have to offer.

Our Services:

Sunroom Additions Contractors in Castroville TX:

If you’re looking to add a private space to your house, consider adding a sunroom that can add more value to your home but also an ideal room for additional space. Whether you are looking to include a guest room, bathroom, or kitchen, the options are endless for sunroom additions. Get in touch for a free consultation and allow us to build that dream project!

Retractable Awning Contractors in Castroville TX:

“Sun when you want it and shade when you don’t.” What sets Texas Custom Exteriors apart from their competitors, is the attention to detail when perfecting the space, size, design and most importantly your budget. We specialize in windows, doors, and even commercial property awnings with the best manufacturers in America. We wouldn’t promote it if we didn’t believe it. Contact us today to learn more.

Shade Structure Contractors in Castroville TX

If you’re looking to add shade to protect your outdoor equipment’s or you’re in a car dealership that needs to add cover from cars from overheating, then installing shade structures are what you should be looking for. We’ve connected with many companies who are always looking for our services, so if you’re looking for a trusted and experienced contractor, you can count on us! Call today at 210-691-9300.


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