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How Strong are Aluminum Shutters?

Your home might have aluminum shutters, sometimes referred to as aluminum plantation shutters. These shutters are composed of aluminum, which is a sturdy, long-lasting, and water-resistant substance, as their name implies. If you own a property in Florida, you are aware of how crucial it is to locate sturdy window shutters. You need to be certain that they can withstand the gusts of more than 100 mph that can rip through the state during hurricanes. Manufacturers of storm shutters have long preferred aluminum, which commands a sizable share of the market. You might wonder, “How robust are aluminum shutters? ” if your windows require protection.

Produced with endurance in mind

Comparing aluminum shutters to typical substitute materials is one of the easiest ways to determine their robustness. In the path of hurricanes that are barreling toward Florida across the Atlantic, homemade plywood “shutters” are a regular sight. Although this cheap substance is better than absolutely nothing for protection, it cracks too easily to provide much of a defense. If strong winds rip the broken bits away from a house, they soon turn into projectiles that can shatter windows. Shutters consisting of well-crafted fabric and polycarbonate provide superior protection, but their flexibility runs the risk of breaking a window.

The tensile strength of aluminum is strong in comparison. It can therefore endure considerable pressure without cracking. This makes it the perfect substance to use for creating window shutters. Some producers will further hone this alloy to produce hurricane shutters that really can withstand bullets and high-velocity wind gusts.

Tested for performance

How can you tell if your aluminum shutters are sturdy enough to withstand the wrath of Mother Nature? Check out their hurricane rating first. Miami-Dade county construction codes, the strictest in the country, are tested against by the majority of storm shutter manufacturers. A category 5 hurricane’s equivalent wind speed of 165–180 mph has been tested on window shutters with a Miami–Dade hurricane rating.

It’s time to take precautions against hurricane-force winds for your Kissimmee house. To find out more about our aluminum shutters, get in touch with us immediately.

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