How to Care for Your Outdoor Living Area

Once you’ve installed your dream deck or patio, you should be regularly maintaining it to keep the area in like-new condition. Whether you hire a professional, rent a power washer, or use what you have at home, it is important to keep debris out of the space and keep the surface clean.

Make Sure Nothing is Broken

If something comes out of place on your patio or deck, this can become a safety hazard without you noticing until it’s too late. Part of your regular maintenance should be checking for imperfections. For patios, make sure that no stone or tile has come loose and created a tripping hazard. On decks, you should check railings & baseboards to make sure all are in place.

Cleaning Your Patio

Patios are typically made of stone or tile. With a thorough cleaning, they can usually look as good as new even after some time has passed. Sweeping your patio will keep dirt particles away and keep it looking sharper than when it is covered with debris. Patios should also be hosed down to remove layers of dirt from the surface and keep the stone looking new.

Cleaning Your Deck

Decks can differ in their maintenance needs depending on what material they are constructed with. Like patios, all types of decks should be regularly swept or leaf blown to remove any accumulation of debris that can leave wetness behind and damage the material. If there is plant residue left behind in between the boards, this can eventually lead to rot.

Vinyl decks should be hosed off to avoid stains to the material. Wooden decks also need power washing, but after some time, may also need to be re-stained & sealed. Resealing your wood deck will ensure that it remains waterproof and will not be water damaged.

Check the Surrounding Area For Hazards

You should always remain vigilant of nearby trees and branches that hang over your patio or deck. If something large & heavy falls onto your deck or patio, this can cause significant damage that might call for partial or a full replacement.

Following proper care & maintenance practices can prolong the life of your outdoor living space and make the area more enjoyable.

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