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Ideas to Add More Shade in the Backyard


Having a nice backyard is a point of pride for homeowners. It offers a space to relax, entertain, connect with family, and more. Unfortunately, sometimes the hot sun beating down can force you back indoors on even the nicest days. Try these ideas to add more shade to your backyard so you can get back outside!


Fabric awnings are backyard shade solutions that have come a long way over the years. Modern fabric awnings come in every color you can imagine, with custom sizes to fit your space perfectly. Fabric awnings can be easily retracted with the touch of a button or hand crank when you want to let more sunlight through.

Awnings are a good solution because it doesn’t change the structure of your home but act as a semi-permanent shade with a reasonable price point.


A pergola is a good option for backyard shade if you want versatility. The semi-open design allows sunlight to shine through without being overpowering. If you want to block the sun even more, it’s easy to add a cloth draping around the sides or top of the pergola. You can also plant vines around the pergola and train them to grow up the side for added shade.


A gazebo is a more expensive and permanent solution to backyard shade. You can find a gazebo in any shape, size, and style to bring your dream backyard to life. Gazebos create a versatile backyard oasis that can be used while you’re entertaining, sipping your morning coffee, or unwinding in the fresh air.

There are many décor options to take your gazebo up a notch, including flower boxes and lights.

Patio Umbrellas

Patio umbrellas are at the top of the list of budget backyard shade options. Patio umbrellas are easy to move and come in a variety of colors/patterns to match your backyard aesthetic. Larger umbrellas can be used to cover a bigger area in the shade, or you can strategically place multiple smaller umbrellas to offer shady getaways around the backyard.

Permanent Patio Roof

A permanent patio roof is no small change, but it’s worth it in the end. Adding a permanent roof to your patio includes extending the existing roof of your home. This solution is more expensive and time-consuming to complete than the others we’ve mentioned. Despite the cost, a permanent patio roof will increase the value of your home if you ever decide to sell! The biggest benefits of a permanent patio roof are how stable and low maintenance they are. You won’t have to worry about putting it away like an awning or umbrella, and repairs will be needed much less frequently than with a pergola or gazebo.

If you’re interested in exploring these backyard shade solutions, contact Texas Custom Exteriors today! Our team can help evaluate your backyard and budget to choose the right type of shade for your home.

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