Mistakes homeowners make when planning a sunroom addition

A sunroom is a versatile living space of your house that can greatly add to your home’s value. You can use it as a venue for hosting gatherings, a dining space, and even it can be a comfortable place where your guests can stay overnight. To ensure the functionality of this addition, you must have to plan it properly and carefully.

Thinking All Sunrooms Are the Same

As Sunroom comes in a wide range of styles and its quality also depends on the contractor who installed them in your house. Some companies may offer this addition at a relatively lower price than others, but the quality may differ. While some contractors prefer using only top-grade materials for their sunrooms. While hiring a home addition contractor, you need to ask them about the materials they use, and also do your research.

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Forgetting to Consider the Landscaping

Certain parts of your landscaping need to be available for the groundwork of your sunroom. When you have built your new addition, you need the space around it to be in better shape. You should Plan your landscaping ahead of time to ensure that there’s a seamless transition between your new sunroom and yard.

Assuming all sunrooms are properly engineered

While meeting the prospective contractors beware of words like “custom” or “site-built”. These words take on a completely different meaning when it comes to sunroom construction.  A sunroom demands detailed engineering and can be constructed in several ways. The sunrooms are usually framed with aluminum framing members.  Each aluminum framing member has a special thickness, size, shape, and alloy that decides the “span” at which it can be used. Due to the fact, there are several aluminum variables, engineering problems normally originate from the improper use of a particular framing member. Moreover, the spans of these framing members are restricted by the load conditions (wind, snow, seismic, etc.).

Failing to get several estimates

It is always better for you to get more than one estimate for your sunroom project. Numerous clients fall prey to a high-pressure salesman whose lone objective is to close the deal. if you compare one company fairly with another in an informed way then it will be typically the best way to go. 

Request to go see some work in improvement or something as of late finished by the contractor. If they are not ready to do this then the choice is simple.

Failing to Consider Maintenance

Your new sunroom would also require maintenance. Try to choose durable and low maintenance materials for your new sunroom.

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