Outdoor Pavilion Shapes and Purposes

Pavilions can bring together any outdoor space. Whether you are considering putting one in at a park or on private property, there are a number of shapes and purposes for the various styles of outdoor pavilions. In many ways, a pavilion serves as an outdoor living room, offering shade, furniture, and even places to prepare food for a picnic.

Square Pavilions

Many standard pavilions take on the traditional square shape. Many pavilions are built to provide a meeting space for parties, celebrations, and other gatherings. Picnic tables and some cooking equipment is often housed inside, making a square a great visual for people to find and meet up at to celebrate any sort of occasion. The starting size for many square pavilions is 16’ by 16’. This is a good amount of space for a party, but there is a lot that goes even bigger than that. For a traditional, standard pavilion, square shapes are quite popular.

Rectangular Pavilions

A bit more popular in very populated areas and parks, a rectangular pavilion is also known as a Hip End shelter. When a park planner puts one of these in, there is a ton of flexibility to make the pavilion into whatever may be needed. The rectangular shape can also be used for a picnic area, like the square pavilion, but it is also a great place to offer things like small group gathering space and play areas. Schools that plan a field day can utilize these large pavilions as a meeting place and “home base” as the day’s activities spread everyone out. If a park has a rectangular pavilion, it opens up options for numerous large organized gatherings, as well as a shade spot for families and residents spending an afternoon out and about.

Hexagon Pavilion

Somewhat of a purposeful shape, hexagon pavilions are often used near bodies of water. As a little recluse on a walking path near a pond or lake, a hexagon pavilion is an elegant way to offer shade and seating.

Octagon Pavilion

If a park is going to be home to a sporting field, an octagon pavilion will likely make a great choice. It’s a statement, and large enough to house concessions, large meetings, and even weddings.

A pavilion ties together an outdoor area like no other design. These various styles should fit any need, no matter what purpose it may be needed for. Contact Texas Custom Exteriors for a free design consultation at 210-691-9300

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