Patio Cover Trends You Should Know

Patio Cover Trends That Will Transform Your Backyard

Every great patio needs a cover to keep out the elements while you enjoy your outdoor living space. Patio covers not only add comfort, but also style! Here are a few patio cover trends that you can use to spruce up your outdoor area.

Minimal Patio Covering

Like an open and airy look that will go with a wide variety of styles?  Opt for a minimalistic approach to your patio cover! This will go with any style outdoor furniture & decor, and gives you the option of switching it up frequently.

Metal and Wood

With hardware that’s meant to show, this rustic look will pair well with the modern farmhouse to give you a beautiful, rugged option that will stand the test of time.  Use hard timbers and exposed metal to really set off the look.  Don’t forget to use rustproof materials!

Add a Pop of Color

A canvas covering is a great way to keep out the sun and the rain, and keep your patio well protected.  Why not use a canvas that has a pop of color that matches the décor of your house and can become a focal point of your backyard.

Light It Up

Not only will lights help you see while you’re hosting that amazing party this summer, but they also add an element of dimension that will set off the aesthetics of your patio covering.

Use lights that fit with the overall style of your home and that are also functional too!


Another great way to add some color to your patio is by using greenery.  Let vines run across your patio cover to create shade and add some hanging flowers or other greenery to add a splash of color to really spice up the patio!

Aluminum as an Option 

Don’t forget that your patio doesn’t have to be made of wood.  Aluminum is a durable, lightweight, and inexpensive material to use that will give you a modern look and a functional style.

Whatever style and design you choose, let the patio cover you choose to be a focal point of your outdoor space, not just a drab boring addition. Contact Texas Custom Exteriors for a free consultation and learn more about the fabrics we specialize in.

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