Was once named one of the “Best Places to Raise your Kids” in 2010, San Marcos is an exciting city that packs full of entertainment. Whether it’s listening to laid back music at Cheatham street warehouse or park activities with your friends or family at the San Marcos river, the list is endless! The team at Texas Custom Exteriors has always had the pleasure of working for residential and commercial properties with their superior exterior products. Check out the top services we have to offer at San Marcos.

Our Services:

Opening Wall Glass System in San Marcos TX:

Looking to add elegance to your room orientation, consider installing a wall glass that perfectly fits your storeroom, office doors, glass balconies, and many more possibilities! Contact us for a free consultation at 210-691-9300.

Retractable Awnings in San Marcos TX:

Texas Custom Exteriors specializes ion retractable awnings, canopies, and pergolas, the perfect solution for your property exterior. You can protect your residential or commercial outdoor space throughout the year, and it all starts with us. Let us bring that idea into a reality!

Shade Structure Installation in San Marcos TX:

With so many options to choose from, which style is right for you? Fortunately, Texas Custom Exteriors offer the highest quality materials that are weather-resistant from harsh weather, durable, and provides shelter to keep you cool all year round. To learn more, please call us today for a free estimate!