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Restaurant Design Ideas to Create More Space

Restaurants who can add space can add value. Even the appearance of more area for a restaurant is essential for customers looking for a relaxing experience. Luckily, there are design options that restaurant owners can make to help make their space more manageable and their customers more comfortable.

How to design your restaurant to create more space? Some of the best tips about creating space in your restaurant design include rethinking space. You can redesign things like fixed pivot points for staff, economical storage spaces, and overall concept (which should be discussed with a designer. Overall, there are ways to maximize your restaurant by designing a genuine space-conscious restaurant.


Increasing comfort can give a sense of space. Individual indoor evergreen plants are great for indoor restaurants because they provide a crisp and refreshing atmosphere. Consider plants like spider plants and lilies that look wonderful when they bloom and still remain green all year. These types of plants are also easy to take care of and thrive in basically all climates.


No, this isn’t a funhouse trick. Mirrors can actually add the illusion of space to your restaurant. Lining the wall with mirrors on each side of the room will bring light to your darker corners. Mirrors also act as central points of focus for patrons.

Open Design

Open designs require construction that rethinks how walls are placed in your restaurant. Maybe you take out a wall and allow a glimpse into the kitchen while allowing more settings. Also, a large counter or bar may not be needed at your restaurant, so these could be removed. Finally, opening glass walls to the outside terrace or patio can bring in the fresh air and open up more seating or a beer garden for patrons.

Local exterior design professionals can help with maximizing space for your restaurant. The additions of open glass walls, decks, patios, and other additional seating that is situated outside are numerous. These can add flavor and ambiance to your restaurant while allowing you to serve more patrons at one time.

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