Considering the hot Austin and Texas sun, installing retractable and motorized awnings won’t be a bad idea. Apart from the protection it offers, it also makes your home exterior beautiful. And if you look at it from the perspective of insects, you will realize that glass wall systems and shade structures are essential home protective features. 

However, getting this installed requires professional services. That is where contractors come in. So it is imperative to identify competent contractors that can keep you and your property shaded regularly.

How To Find The Right Contractor For Residential And Commercial Exterior Shade Installation

  • Set a Reasonable Budget

Irrespective of the shade structure you want for your home, your budget comes first. You need to be realistic if you want to attract experts. Setting your budget is subject to research to know a few things about the materials required for the project. The little information you gathered gives you an idea of the range you should set for the project. Hiring a low-budget contractor does not necessarily mean that you employed the best.

  • Request to see past projects

In contemporary times, almost every business, including smaller ones, keeps track records of its past achievements. It is like a ticket to secure the next big job. When you approach a contractor, it is necessary to check their portfolio. It presents you the opportunity to evaluate the contractor’s competency and the possibility of helping you maximize your investment.

  • Check Reviews Online

A portfolio is not enough to choose retractable and motorized awning contractors for your projects. You can as well search for other information about the company. This will help you discover the contractor’s methodology, approaches, and execution through what people say about them. Through online reviews, you can gain insight into their reliability and expertise in installing shade structures.

  • Seek for the Services they offer

Suppose you have already determined your preferred glass wall system or retractable and motorized awning types. In that case, you need to be conversant with the services the contractor offers.  When it comes to installing shade structures, services differ from one contractor to another. If the services of a company don’t align with your needs, keep searching until you find the perfect contractor.

  • Schedule a Consultation

Once you discover the contractor that can help you achieve your home exterior needs, the next thing is to begin a conversation. During the consultation, you will learn more about the contractor, different products available, and expected customer service. It is during the consultation that we get actual pricing for the proposed project. The best consultation is that you do in-home because it gives the contractor the perfect idea of what your home requires.


Your home exterior deserves protection and beautification, particularly if you reside in a location with scorching sun. Texas Custom Exteriors is a professional shade structure contractor you can count on for your awning needs. Schedule a consultation today for more information.