Should I Get a Sunroom Addition?

There are so many worthwhile reasons to get a sunroom added onto your home. A sunroom can become your little space away from the world filled with tranquility and relaxation. Sunrooms also add to your home’s value by increasing its square footage. Here are some more of the benefits of adding these additions to your home, from the professionals at Texas Custom Exteriors!

Outdoor Feel

A sunroom is an addition to your home that essentially brings the outdoors to the indoors. The room has an outdoor feel, and plenty of natural light. Yet, you’re protected from wind, rain, snow, hot weather, bugs, pests, and other outside elements. 

Enjoy the Weather Indoors

Your sunroom is a quiet place to sit and watch the rain and the trees blowing in the wind. Get that report done while enjoying nature, but without your papers flying across the yard. When the time is right, crack open a window and listen to the birds chirping in the sunshine!

Increased Natural Light

Sunrooms are surrounded by big, beautiful windows that let in the natural sunlight. This gives the room addition an open, airy feel. You also save on energy costs by hanging out in your sunroom where no additional lighting is needed during the daytime.

More Living Space

Adding a sunroom addition to your home is much like adding on a new room. It can serve as a guest bedroom, additional living room, den, formal dining room, man cave, She Shed, Man Cave indoor home gym, home office, pool room, hot tub room, dance, art or recording studio… The ideas are endless!

Add Home Value

Because a sunroom is attached to your home, it adds to the overall square footage of your property’s living space. This adds value to your home, helping to increase its fair market value. The more living space, the more the property is worth on the local real estate market. 

Great Place for Plants

Your sunroom is the perfect place to let your green thumb shine – Or give it a try for the first time! Transform the sunroom into your own private greenhouse where your plants can thrive on sunshine while protected from bugs. Thanks to the glass walls and ceiling, heat is trapped inside, so your plants are warm and cozy. 

Sunroom Additions in San Antonio & Beyond

If you’re thinking about getting a sunroom addition for your Texas home, don’t try to do it yourself. This is no DIY job. You need to call a local professional to ensure the insulation, roofing, electric, and plumbing involved with the job is done right. For sunroom additions & all other outdoor living needs, call Texas Custom Exteriors at 210-691-9300 or fill out our online contact form!

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