Sliding Glass Doors Vs. Folding Glass Doors

A glass door is a type of door, typically transparent or semi-transparent, that provides a view through to another space. The transparency allows those inside the room to see what is happening outside while still maintaining some degree of privacy.

The glass doors come in two types. Folding and sliding. Folding glass doors can take up less space than sliding doors and give you a modern feel with their frameless design. However, sliding glass doors offer increased protection against break-ins, which is why many homes and businesses prefer them.

Difference between sliding & folding glass doors

Sliding glass doors and folding glass doors are often confused with one another. Sliding glass doors slide from one side to the other while folding glass doors pivot to open. They may have a pivot point at the top or bottom, depending on their design.

A folding glass door is a door that folds like a metal curtain. With these doors, you will find two horizontal tracks, one behind the other. The first track has a vertical bar that can fold up and down to create an opening for entering and exiting.

Which glass door is better?

If you’re looking for a door that will offer privacy and security while also letting light into your space, consider a sliding or folding glass door. A sliding glass door is best if you want to cover up an existing window or opening. They slide open and closed to provide a space that can maintain complete privacy while being airy. A folding glass door, on the other hand, is usually used as an additional entrance to your space. They fold away when you’re finished with them and typically offer an unobstructed view of the outside.

When deciding between sliding glass doors or folding glass doors, there is a lot to consider. Here are some factors to think about:


Sliding doors are much less efficient than folding doors. The better sliding doors have some insulated lining and a panel that can be opened, but they’re much less efficient.


There are three main styles of sliding glass doors: Single Sliding Doors, Double Sliding Doors, and Bi-Fold Doors. While there are two styles of folding glass doors: swinging and sliding. Sliding doors usually have a visible groove that runs horizontally along their length, while swinging doors will have one of two kinds of handles: A metal handle at the top or bottom that allows it to open sideways or a handrail handle at the top or bottom that will enable it to open sideways.


Sliding glass doors provide good insulation and security so that they may be better suited to colder climates. Folding doors offer less protection against heat or cold, but they’re easier to use if space is limited.


Cost varies depending on size and material. Both sliding doors and folding doors come with their pros and cons, but generally speaking, a folding door is less expensive and requires less space.

Take Away

A sliding door is best used as a temporary measure until you can install a better type of door. A folding door is usually better long term. Sliding glass doors do an excellent job of maintaining a clear line of sight from inside to outside, while simultaneously protecting from intruders. In contrast, folding glass doors have frames that can obstruct this line of sight, making it difficult to see what’s going on outside. If you are looking to install a glass wall system in your house, get in touch with Texas Custom Exteriors!

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