Sunroom VS Room Addition

There are a lot of benefits of adding a room to your already existing home, but the most important is the additional space and the potential to enhance the resale value of your beautiful home with little effort. If you live in a pleasant climate, then Sunroom is an amazing idea for you. You can easily modify them according to your needs and demands.

Both Sunroom and a room addition have their pros but you always need to know some of these important points before deciding between a sunroom and a new room addition:

  • What is a sunroom or new room addition?
  • What are the expenditures associated with home and using a sunroom or room addition?
  • What is the purpose of adding a new room?

What is Sunroom?

Sunrooms are also known by different alternative names just like solarium or screen rooms. Prefabricated kits of sunrooms are easily available, but they can also be custom-built according to your specifications. There are two types of sunrooms:

  1. Three season rooms
  2. Four season rooms

Three season rooms:

As the name shows, three-season sunrooms are suitable in only three seasons: Autumn, summer, and spring. But unfortunately, without an external heating system (heater, fireplace), they cannot provide you the comfort you normally need in the winter season because they are not insulated.

Four season rooms:

On the other hand, four-season sunrooms are suitable for all four seasons. They are well insulated which is why you can easily use them in winter as well.

What is a Room Addition?

A room made from traditional building materials that you add to your already existing home is known as “Full room addition”. Sunrooms mostly contain glass panes but in the case of room addition a foundation, traditional doors, windows, internal and external interiors are required.

Costs of Sunrooms and Full Rooms:

The main obstacle the homeowners face while deciding between a sunroom and room addition is cost or expenditures. The cost of a sunroom or a room addition depends upon some important factors i.e. whether you want a three-season sunroom or a four-season sunroom.

The overall costs for new room addition are almost similar to those of a sunroom but if you frequently use a living or entertainment room, complete with many additional electric devices, then it may increase your household costs. A new room addition requires insulation as well as a proper electrical and HVAC connection so that you can use it all year.

Uses of Sunrooms Vs Full room addition:

Sunrooms are considered suitable for only those areas where they are not required because normally their glass walls don’t provide as much privacy. But the playrooms, living rooms, family rooms, and hobby rooms, etc. are considered the best options for sunroom areas where they will. allow the natural light to pass through.

New room additions are considered suitable only if you need some extra space in your home for something personal just like an office, a bedroom, or an entertainment room.

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