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The Benefits of Installing a Retractable Patio Awning

Combining indoor and outdoor living is more popular than ever. If you want to truly enjoy the beautiful spring and summer weather, a retractable patio awning is a great investment. Installing a retractable patio awning is a fantastic way to combine indoor and outdoor living and fully enjoy all that your home has to offer.

The Benefits Of A Retractable Patio Awning

Retractable patio awnings can turn your patio into an outdoor space that is comfortable to use no matter what time of the day it is. Stylish, easy-to-use retractable patio awnings have benefits for homeowners like:

No Sun Damage

The blazing summer sun can cause your expensive patio furniture to fade and crack. It can also cause damage to your patio or deck, especially if it’s wood and not concrete. When you install a retractable awning and create shade over the patio during the sun’s hottest hours, you can protect your patio, patio furniture, and yourself from the damage caused by the sun’s heat and bright rays.

Keeping The House Cooler

If you are concerned about skyrocketing electric bills from trying to keep the house cool in the summer a retractable patio awning in an investment that can protect you from high cooling bills as well as the sun. It’s common for homeowners to suffer from high electric bills in the summer because of the relentless heat that occurs when the sun heats up the patio.

Patio doors can’t do enough to prevent the heat from seeping in and the cold air from leaking out. When you have a retractable patio awning shading the patio, there will be a lot less heat entering your home. That will result in better energy efficiency and smaller electric bills. Adding a retractable awning can lower the temperature on the patio by up to 20 degrees.

Outdoor Living

Summer is short. With a retractable patio awning, you will be able to spend more of your time outdoors enjoying your patio and your backyard. When you can keep the temperature on the patio comfortable and protect yourself from the blazing sun, it will be a lot more fun to be on the patio reading a book, enjoying the scenery, doing yoga, or just enjoying time with family and friends.

Cool Your Walkways, Deck, and Patio

A retractable patio awning can help keep your walkways and decks cool, as well as your patio. If you like to walk outside barefoot but can’t because of the sizzling heat of the deck, walkway, or patio after the sun has heated it up, a retractable patio awning will solve that problem. And if you have a dog or other pets that go outside, installing a retractable patio awning can help protect their paws from getting injured or burned by hot decks and walkways.

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