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The Benefits of Spending Time Outside

With technology heavily influencing today’s workplace and leisure activities, many of us spend hours looking at screens all day and have plenty of excuses as to why we don’t get to spend enough time outside. The truth is, everyone who lives in Texas should find a way to soak in the beautiful nature and weather of the area! Spending time outside has numerous physical and psychological benefits that should not be passed up.

Energy Boosting

Sitting in front of a screen all day can make exhaust your eyes, body, and mind by 3:00 pm. Instead of reaching for that afternoon cup of coffee, try taking a break for a quick walk around the block. Stretching your legs, breathing in the fresh air, and soaking up some sun is proven to boost mental and physical energy levels. You will return to your desk feeling refreshed and with an increased ability to concentrate.

Making Workouts Easier

When you workout indoors, it is hard to focus on anything besides your workout and exertion level. Taking your run or bike ride outdoors gives you more psychological stimuli to bring your focus away from your workout and make it go by faster. Exercising outside brings more location options, and you can switch up your path so you are experiencing different sights and sounds.

Inspiring Creativity

Time outdoors exposes you to more colors, sights, sounds, and smells than time indoors. Your mind will find inspiration in colorful sunsets, blue skies, and greenery. If you’ve been in a creative block lately, going outside and taking in some nature might be your fix!

Maximizing Vitamin Absorption

Humans get the majority of their Vitamin D from exposure to the sun, yet many of us are nutritionally lacking. The benefits of maintaining a proper level of Vitamin D include healthier lung function, immune system support, reduced inflammation, and stronger teeth and bones. Time spent soaking up vitamin D can also increase your calcium levels, leading to even better bone density and a smaller risk for Osteoporosis.

Improving Sleep

The body’s Circadian Rhythm, which decides our sleeping habits, is linked to the sun’s schedule. Time spent in natural light allows your body to experience the patterns of the sun and adjust its sleep pattern accordingly. With more time outside, you will notice yourself being more energized in the morning and feeling ready to rest around sunset.

Spending time outdoors is worth working into your schedule for these benefits and more. Some easy ways to do this include exercise, or taking advantage of your home’s deck, patio, or outdoor living space.

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