Top Questions to Be Prepared for During a Patio Enclosure Consultation

Enclosing your patio is a sure-fire way to getting more enjoyment out of your outdoor space. Once you have decided to take this step, it is best to meet with several companies to decide who is the best fit for your project.


When the contractor comes to your home for a consultation, you should anticipate having a conversation regarding all aspects of the patio enclosure project. Here are four questions you should be prepared to answer so your contractor can give you the best ideas for your enclosure.


  1. What Type of Enclosure Do You Want?


There are many ways to enclose a patio from a simple screen enclosure to a weatherproof, climate-controlled area. It is important that you understand how you intend to use your patio after it is enclosed. For example, if you intend on year-round use, a climate-controlled enclosure may be more appropriate than a screened in porch.


  1. What Features are Most Important?


This question assesses the things you value in your future enclosure. If you intend on putting an outdoor TV or a hot tub in your enclosed patio, certain considerations like power and plumbing will have to be considered.


  1. How Does Your Ideal Enclosed Patio Look?


Simply understanding how you will use your patio and what you will need inside of it is not enough. A contractor will want to know what materials you prefer and how the patio looks in your mind. Is it a bright space? Will you want it to have walls and siding that match the house? These are all integral pieces of information for your enclosed patio design.


  1. What is Your Budget?


This question can be painful but is obviously an important one to your design. Just because your budget is tight, does not mean you cannot have your ideal patio enclosure. The answer to this question will help design your dream patio while staying inside the budget you have.


Enclosing your patio can ensure you make the most of all the space you have in your home. Asking the right questions helps Texas Custom Exteriors make your dream enclosed patio a reality.

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