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Types of Hurricane Shutters to Protect Your Home

Unfortunate as it is, the hurricane season rolls around each year, and it’s unpredictable. It makes no sense to sit idly by and not take the necessary steps to protect your home while the storm season gets closer. Besides roofing, doors and windows are vulnerable to the onslaught of wind, debris, and precipitation that a storm typically brings. As such, your doors and windows must be adequately protected during a storm. The best way to ensure that they are protected is by installing hurricane shutters. Let’s explore the different types of hurricane shutters available that you can use to protect your home.

Automatic Roll-Down Hurricane Shutters

Typically made from metal or polycarbonate, roll-down shutters are installed above the window and can be lowered manually or automatically with the push of a button. It’s a matter of style that determines whether it is manually or automatically operated. These shutters protect by covering your windows and doors by locking them in place.


  • It’s one of the most efficient and effective ways to storm-proof your home
  • Functions as a safeguard against break-ins
  • No storage is necessary since the shutters are permanently secured to the windows
  • Easy to install


  • Pricey shutter, with automatic roll-down hurricane shutters costing an estimated $25 to $120 per square foot
  • In the event of a power outage, automatic roll-down shutters require a battery backup 

Accordion Hurricane Shutters

Accordion storm shutters are typically made from polycarbonate or metal. They unfurled much like an accordion when being operated, shielding your doors or windows during a hurricane. When accordion shutters are not being used, they remain attached and are stored away alongside the doors or windows and can be either one or two-piece configurations that are stored alongside the windows or doors when not in operation. 


  • No storage is necessary since the shutters are permanently secured beside the windows
  • Particular models have a key to lock the shutters


  • Not ideal for all house styles, like traditional Victorian-style houses or ranch-style houses
  • Relatively costly at roughly $15-$25 per square foot

Bahama Hurricane Shutters

Designed with horizontal slats, Bahama shutters are louvered shutters with a one-piece configuration installed above the windows. The horizontal slats, when closed, are what helps to protect your home and keep out the rain during a hurricane. Bahama shutters

These shutters are usually made from aluminum and composite wood, and fiberglass.


  • Permanently affixed to the home


  • Not as strong compared to other types of shutters, but particular models, like metal, offer efficient storm protection
  • Can limit sunlight entering a space
  • Not a protective cover for doors
  • Relatively costly at roughly $20-$50 per square foot

Colonial Hurricane Shutters

With colonial shutters, you are getting both beauty and storm protection. These two-piece louvered shutters are affixed to the wall alongside each window and fold together to protect the window. Colonial hurricane shutter can be made of metal, fiberglass, and wood.


  • No storage is necessary since the shutters are permanently secured beside the windows
  • One man installation job
  • An aesthetically-appealing shutter that suits many different style homes


  • Some colonial shutter models need added support, such as a storm bar, to hold them in place
  • Timely installation compared to some of the other types of shutters
  • Another shutter system is required for colonial shutters to provide protection for doors
  • Costly shutter option at an estimated $20-$50 per square foot

Storm Panel Hurricane Shutters

Storm panel shutters are made of aluminum or steel and affixed to the walls around windows and doors supported by bolts or tracks. Their grooved and overlapping pieces afford the strength of storm panels. Storm panel shutters are available in a few different varieties, including:

  • Bolts and tracks
  • C-shaped tracks
  • Permanent bolts


  • Permanent shutter that’s cost-efficient
  • Easily removed
  • Not as expensive as some of the other shutter options at $5-$20 per panel


  • Storm panels require external storage
  • Generally challenging to install alone
  • Sharp edges can make them a hazard to handle

If you are looking ahead and thinking about preparing for the hurricane season, let Texas Custom Exteriors help you to protect your home. Talk to our expert professionals who can guide you through the available hurricane shutter options. Visit us today.

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