Types of Swimming Pool Enclosures

Although you have a significant investment in your pool, how often do you use it? On days when it rains or when the temperature is too hot, you may not be able to use it. A pool cage layout in San Antonio Texas is the solution if you want to utilize your swimming pool all year round. Pool screen enclosures keep the water warm while also shielding the pool from inclement weather. You want to be able to go swimming all year long without having to worry about any of the aforementioned obstacles. Installing a pool enclosure is one way to achieve that.

What are pool enclosures?

A structure that encloses a pool’s top and sides is called a pool enclosure. Consider it to be a safety bubble surrounding your swimming pool.

Types of swimming pool enclosures

When searching for a pool enclosure, there are many different designs to consider. View the several varieties listed below to decide which would be the best choice for your space.


This type of swimming pool enclosure is also called an A-frame enclosure. This pool enclosure forms a triangle shape through the use of two slopes. Their roofs have a peak in the middle. They can be fixed without attaching them to your home or any other support. They are suitable for homes with yards with far-reaching swimming pools.


One of the most unique and amazing styles of swimming pool enclosures used in homes is a dome roof. The enclosure’s ceiling section is shaped like a dome, which is essentially a semicircle. If you choose the appropriate constructor for this design, your swimming pool could appear quite stunning. The best feature of this swimming pool enclosure is that its screen surface would not allow dust or dirt to stay over it. It will make cleanup easier and let in lots of natural light.

  • HIP 

This swimming pool enclosure resembles a mansard except for its middle part. It has a streamlined shape resembling a home or a pyramid when its ends meet at the top. A hip 

The roof is the perfect compromise if you prefer the adaptability of mansards but desire more architectural detail. During storms, hip enclosure roofs offer more wind resistance. They give the impression that it is higher than a usual mansard roof.


A shed roof is one of the most affordable swimming pool roofs. It provides your swimming pool with a beautiful roof. It would be an addition to the roof currently on your house. Their towering beams and distinctive design is breathtaking. They increase property values and provide homes with unmatched structural security.

Ready to get started with yours?

You can select from a variety of swimming pool enclosures for your outdoor pool. It’s crucial to keep in mind, that these design ideas can be modified to appear more innovative and unique. You should pick a design that will match the structure, size, and shape of your swimming pool. Contact the sales team at Texas Custom Exteriors today for a free design consultation and we’ll make sure we install the right

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