Why Choose a Motorized Retractable Screen System

Texas is the ideal area to have a luxury outdoor living space to accentuate your home’s design. Residents can take advantage of swimming pools, sunrooms, patios, & more year-round thanks to the warm southern sunshine! If you haven’t optimized the outdoor space of your home yet, and are looking for an option that offers a multitude of benefits, you might consider a motorized retractable screen system.

Modernizes Your Home

A motorized screen system can be let down or retracted with the push of a button. This system will truly simplify your life and allow you to enjoy each leisurely moment spent outside, eliminating the struggle of manually releasing screens. While adding a traditional deck or patio might be a standard feature, motorized retractable screen systems give your home the extra leg up on technology. This not only adds convenience to your life but also value to your home if you ever look to sell. 

Eliminates Glare

Do you ever find yourself craving time outside but having to wait until the peak of the day has passed to avoid overexposure to the sun? Retractable screens eliminate this issue by shading the area & protecting the interior from damaging UV rays. This not only protects your skin and eyes from harm and creates a more enjoyable experience. It even gives you the option of working from home in your outdoor space or using electronics by eliminating the glare! An added bonus of eliminating UV rays is that your furniture won’t fade & will last longer. 

Allows For Ventilation 

A screen system allows for more fresh air & ventilation than traditional windows or doors. Even when the screen is down to keep bugs and sun rays out, fresh air is constantly flowing through the area and allowing for the outdoor experience and all its benefits. 

Increases Energy Efficiency 

The shaded screens installed by Texas Custom Exteriors including Sunesta brand and more top of the line products have the ability to regulate temperature and therefore cut down on utility costs used to cool your outdoor living space. If the sun gets too hot, you can bring the screen down and still enjoy your outdoor space without the UV rays pouring in. For sunrooms connected to the home, this means less strain on your air cooling system and less spent on your energy bill. 

Custom Made Systems

One of the best parts about a professional quality motorized screen system is that it can be custom designed to enhance your existing outdoor space. You don’t have to change anything to your current set up in order to enjoy the benefits of a screen enclosure! 

To get a quote on your custom made motorized retractable screen system or other outdoor living space upgrades  for your Texas home, contact us at Texas Custom Exteriors! 

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