Why you should invest in retractable awnings

AwningsAs many homeowners know when who living in Texas, the weather can be brutal. The humidity is unbearable that you just want to stay home all day to keep yourself cool. Our team at Texas Custom Exteriors recommends you invest in a quality retractable awning to enjoy most of the sun. Here are five reasons you should have them installed today.

  1. Protects your outdoor elements. Investing in awnings is a great way to protect your outdoor furniture. It provides shade it certain areas of the house meaning any furniture or fabrics that are exposed to the sun will not deteriorate by drying out or from it being wet from the rain.
  2. Saves money. Retractable awnings can be pricey, but if you think of it as a long-term investment, the retractable awnings will pay for themselves as they provide shade to the interior home which means air conditioners are not often as used due home being cooled, resulting in lower electric bills which add up to significant savings.
  3. Customizable fabrics. Awnings have fabrics that come in all different colors and styles that can either blend in with your home exterior or makes your home stand out from the rest of the crowd.
  4. Easy to use. With a manual awning, you can simply wind to unroll and roll up and with electronic option, a push of a button can extend or retract your awnings automatically with minimum effort
  5. Creates a comfortable vibe. With the shade, no matter if it is blistering hot or pouring down with rain, you can still enjoy relaxing outside without any concerns.

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